TOMMS is a representative video conference solution of Korea that has been developed by Hadenbridge’s 17 years of technology for video communication.
TOMMS, which has been verified in various industrial areas, including public institutions and the First Financial District, is provided in an On Premises (Builded) or Managed HOST (Lental) manner.

TOMMS offers the following key benefits : user experience value that customers have never experienced before



Reduced network bandwidth by multicast tunneling

Multicast tunneling can dramatically reduce network bandwidth if many users connect from multiple geographically dispersed points, such as banks, to reduce the cost of high-cost WAN sections.

MPS : Media Processimg Server
DTS : Data Transfer Server
MPS : Representative Client



Massive Access Processing by Distributed Processing Server

Server decentralization technology, which enables users to support sessions with hundreds or thousands of people simultaneously, provides high-quality and reliable service for real-time interactive video communication in various forms, from small meetings to large-scale collective training and seminars.



Virtual Space-Based High-Inflow Video Conference

Existing video conferencing is a method in which each background is reflected in the user images that are accessed and listed in Grid format. In addition, shared content, such as PowerPoint, reduces meeting immersion with visual distribution.

The virtual space-based video conference of Hadenbridge can be combined with the contents of a video with the user’s background removed from the 3D Depth Camera in real time without a separate blue screen. Increase meeting immersion with the new UX by placing user images on the virtual space background of shared by the user




Most agencies and companies spend a lot of time and money on breakout. moyeee PLUS enables real-time, online implementation of the split meeting, enabling effective employee training to take place at a lower time and cost.


Maximum 225 images displayed

Strong media processing server (MPS) allows up to 225 user images per session to be displayed, increasing the concentration of meetings.

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