HAEDEN BRIDGE’s  TOMMS, next generation video conferencing solution is used for nation-wide branch manager conference.

KB Kookmin bank conducts weekly-based nationwide branch manager video conference as a part of information share experiment.

Sharing success/failure stories via video conferencing helps to arrest voice phishing criminal.

It is becoming an issue that the bank has held weekly video conferencing for branch mangers across the nation since April in 2015. Last Tuesday morning, They shared success and failure stories in the video conference held by vice-president in which about one thousand branch managers across the country participated. KB bank said that brance managers can see the face of vice-president while theor faces are not exposed to vice-president during the conference. Instead branch managers share information one another using text-chat.“

The Bank achived the result preventing voice phishing. A team leader, Chae and her team member, Mr. Song reported to police a man who tried to reopen bank account which is classified as suspicious and the man was arrested by the police. They shared the field-centered information on suspicious bank account and voice phishing in branch manager’s video conferencing. KB Bank also made and distrivuted a manual on how to cope with in case that they face a suspect. A KB Bank personnel mentioned “Now that the video conferencing system is introduced to the Bank, information sharing is now almost real-time.”


icon_02  nyusos@hankyung.com / July 15, 2015