Haeden Bridge’s next-generation video conferencing solution, TOMMS is used for remote career mentoring classes conducted by Career-Net, an organiation of the Ministry of Education.  

Career Mentoring Class for students living in rural area such as farming, fishing, mountain villages.

Students from 5 middle schools joined the mentoring class.

Minister attended the class as a mentor, having conversation with students and saying, “When I was a little boy, I stayed at my grandfather house during summer vacation and forgot to keep a diary for homework, plunging into play. So I wrote it all in one sweep at the end of the vacation.”  Also he and students shared various questions and answers during the video conferencing session.

Students from 1,036 schools plan to get a career counseling provided by mentors from 200 occupational areas this year via video conferencing.

▲ Mr. Hwang, Minister of Ministry of Education in remote mentoring class.


icon_02  yonglae@yna.co.kr / May 26. 2015