<Haeden Bridge Co., Ltd., the immersive visual  communication solution for Hankook Univ. Newspapers, signed MOU to strengthen the competitiveness of university video solutions. (From left to right, Kim Young-Woong(LKMS Representative), Haeden Bridge Im Dong-pil (Sales Director), Haeden Bridge Representative Namgung Hwan-Sik, Hong Nam-seok(Representative Director), Hong Jun(Campus Life Representative), Lee Jae- Kyu( Managing Director)>


Haeden Bridge Co., Ltd. (CEO Namgung Hwan-sik), a immersive visual communication solution developer, took a hand on 29th to strengthen the competitiveness of video solutions in university society.

Haeden Bridge is a software-based visual communication solution provider that provides a variety of business models for video and video-conferencing, large-scale interactive webinars, telepresence and real-time e-learning. They have recently developed a new concept of Media Processing System (MPS), which enables a large-scale image collaboration service, and are in the forefront of entering the global market with a new product TOMMS equipped with the new MPS.

“We are celebrating our 14th anniversary this year.” It is meaningful to have a good relationship with the Hankook Univ. Newspaper at the time of the 15th anniversary of the next year,” he said. “I look forward to making a good collaborative model that can win and win.”

So, Hong Nam-seok, CEO said, “I respect those who concentrate on a particular field and think that it is necessary for our contemporaries. “I believe Haeden Bridge’s technology related to video solutions will have a synergistic effect in strengthening university competitiveness.”

On the day of the ceremony, Namgung Hwan-sik(Haeden Bridge CEO), Im Dong-pil(Haeden Bridge director), Kim Young-woong(LKMA representative), Jeon Ho-joon(LKMS team leader), Son Eun-you(LKMS team leader), Hong Nam-suk(Representative of Daily UNN), Park Sung-tae (Daily UNN Publisher), Lee Jae-kyu(Daily UNN Director) and Hong Jun(Campus Life Representative) attended this agreement ceremony.


icon_02  Hankook Univ. Newspaper Reporter Son Hyun-Kyung / son89@unn.net / 2016.07.29

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