Haeden Bridge has made contract for providing two-way video solution with Hughes, premier interactive onsite learning through satellite based education and training service fro 5 years.


Followings is a newspaper article of ET News.

Korean 3D video conferencing company, Haeden Bridge is providing the core solution for  two-way video communication to India’s education service.

Haeden Bridge(CEO Namgung Hwan-Sik) announced that the company has made contract with Hughes, broadband satellite network-based online education service company regarding video conferencing software platform.

Hughes, the world’s leading provider of broadband satellite service company, has supplied two-way satellite network based online education service globally. It covers 70% of online education via satellite network in India. Recently, however, there have been issues in network cost and bandwidth limit and therefore the company has considered turning to IP network and demand for new education service platform has arisen.

The company has investigated about 10 two-way communication solutions over the last 2 years and decided to choose Haeden Bridge as its online education platform provider.  Haeden Bridge will provide TOMMS with two-way muliticast tunnelling technology to Hughes for next 5 years.

TOMMS helps to reduce bandwidth usage tremendously through its unique feature, multicast tunnelling technology while giving users rich experience. As  a software solution, another feature is to support massive conference connection enabling more than 1,000 users to participate in a single session. Shinhan bank, the largest one in Korea is using it for massive online training such as employee education and seminar as well as video conferencing. TOMMS

In addition to above features, TOMMS brought 3D virtual reality effect to video conferencing. The Ministry of Education is leading online mentoring service for middle/high school students, using 3D virtual screen. It is expected in the future that TOMMS will realize the 3D virtual conference in which people have video conferencing while controlling an object together.

Haeden Bridge CEO, HS Namgung said, “As Facebook introduced video conferencing service and Apple acquired a Israel company with 3D module technology, massive 3D video conferencing on SNS seems to be main stream. So Haeden Bridge will target new market with the massive 3D video conferening tecnnology.”


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