Orange, one of the world’s leadning telecommunications operators has chosen  Haeden Bridge who developed TOMMS, it’s own video conferencing solution as one of the season partners of Orange Fab Asia.

We will attend the business matching forum held at Orange Telecommunication’s headquater in Paris, France in mid June, 2015 and showcase our Haeden Bridge and TOMMS solution/technology to ICT companies in Europe, major customers of Orange and investors.

Haeden Bridge has been chosen as one of the global 20 companies of Orange Fab season 1 and built network and searched for opportunitie, attending demoday and showcase event over the last year.

Orange Telecom has been interested in TOMMS, Haeden Bridge’s next-generation video conferencing product and various business models and plans based on TOMMS. Especially it takes a positive view of combining EU’s Cyber & Virtual Work Space and Haeden Bridge’s technology.

We are doing our best for good result!